Expanding ADMA and a change to the constitution

Over the past two years, ADMA has grown substantially, incorporating three other associations, all of which represent a key aspect of Australia’s data-driven future. These are:

  • Digital + Technology Collective (D+TC) – focused on digital and technology
  • Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) – focused on analytics and insights
  • Data Governance Australia (DGA) – which focuses on good data governance.

Collectively, ADMA and the associations represent over 1000 corporations in Australia and over 40,000 individuals.

We want to ensure the success of each Association into the future, delivering maximum member benefits and also business efficiencies. To do this we need to introduce a new corporate structure. Therefore, we propose that from August 2017, ADMA, D+TC, IAPA and DGA all align under a new framework – the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership.

Within the Alliance, each Association will remain independent, retain a Board Advisory Committee and have the ability to focus on the issues that are important to its members. In addition, each association will also leverage increased education, event and thought leadership capabilities through a shared services model.

Old structure

The current corporate structure has ADMA as the holding company, within which IAPA, DGA and D+TC sit. This limits the Associations to data-driven marketing issues and does not place each Association on equal footing.

New structure

The new corporate structure will introduce the Alliance for Data Leadership as the holding company. ADMA, IAPA, D+TC, and DGA will each sit within the Alliance as independent Associations. This will expand the remit of the Associations allowing IAPA, D+TC and DGA to extend beyond marketing to broader data-driven business issues. This will grow the expertise of the Associations and its members.




To make this transition, we will need to update the current ADMA Constitution to introduce the new Australian Alliance for Data Leadership and recognise the four associations. A summary of the proposed changes to the Constitution can be viewed below.

Download the proposed changes to the Constitution

The proposed new constitution has now been issued and sent to all our members, along with the formal proposal to change the corporate structure and introduce the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership. Members will be given an opportunity to vote on the formal proposal at the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at 10.00 am on Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 at ADMA, Level 6, 50 Carrington Street, Sydney 2000. You can download the Formal Proposal & Notice of EGM, Agenda, Proxy Form, and the proposed Constitution below.

Download the formal and notice of EGM

Download agenda

Download the proxy form

Download proposed AADL constitution

If you would like to discuss the proposed restructure further please do not hesitate to contact me at