Event Details:

Dates: Thursday 30 August - Friday 31 August
Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
Address: 488 George Street, Sydney
Time: 9:00am - 17:30pm

Innovation Zone is the FREE tech-hub of ADMA Global Forum hosting an exhibition of brands, workshops and interactive demonstrations of interest to Australian marketers.

Over two days in August, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in interactive displays of the latest emerging tech. You'll also be exposed to the leading MarTech companies and how they are helping marketers overcome challenges within their organisations.

In 2018, we’ll be repeating our hugely popular Social Media Marketing workshops designed to help you maximise the value social media is providing for your business and to get ahead of the latest updates and releases.

Experience the latest tech through immersive exhibitions

Get hands-on with the latest emerging technologies through the interactive experiences at Innovation Zone. Learn the latest applications of this technology and understand the potential it possesses for your business and marketing.

All exhibitions are available through an Innovation Zone ticket.

  • VR Racing Experience: Living Ventures

    Put the pedal to the metal in this state-of-the-art extreme VR racing experience.

    9D VR theatre is a highly immersive and interactive experience of unique virtual scenarios. It involves VR headsets and a specialised platform which work together to provide a powerful sense of realism through the combination of auditory, visual and tactile sensations.

    The extreme racing car simulates the real driving scenario, brings fast speed acceleration and excitement to the audience. The high resolution graphic together with the newest Deepoon E3 headset and three new racing tracks make it more challenging and fun. This is a must try VR experience!

  • VR Experience: Ghost Train Sydney

    Straight from VIVID festival in Sydney we are bringing the classic ghost train hurtling into Innovation Zone.

    Created by filmmaker Jasmin Tarasin and musician Jonnine Standish, this high-tech take on the classic carnival ride incorporates virtual reality with a “choose your own adventure” style narrative.

    Riders will don a Samsung Gear VR Headset and be immersed in a world of ethereal imagery and bone-chilling music. As the train trundles down the rickety (virtual) tracks, they'll be asked to make choices that will lead them to salvation… or doom.

    "On this ghost train, you take a trip through the rooms of your mind on a journey full of beauty, tension, humour and, of course, fun," says Standish.

  • Hologram Experience: BOP Industries

    Fall back in love with emerging technologies. In this hands on demonstration you will learn just how simple it is to work with holograms and just how creative working with technology can be!

Hands-on Social Workshops

Can’t get the attention you need from social media platforms because you don’t have a big enough share of budget? Come along to our FREE hands-on social media workshops to learn how to:

  • Reach your intended audience
  • Spend your precious budget wisely
  • Achieve measurable results

Experts from the top social platforms will conduct 90-minute workshops for you and your teams to learn everything you need to know to get the most out of the platforms.

  • Social Workshop: LinkedIn

    Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

    Is your content driving ROI? Or is it, missing the mark and driving more questions than results?

    Join experts from LinkedIn as they show you practical tips to create an effective content strategy that is not only relevant but drives impact and meets your business objectives.

    This is an opportunity to attend a session with like-minded marketers who are facing the same challenges and workshop solutions. This is not just another presentation about marketing, this is an interactive session with outcomes that will help you get more out of your LinkedIn campaigns.

    You will learn more about:

    • Setting objectives to drive outcomes
    • Creating breakthrough content
    • Targeting on LinkedIn
    • Optimising content for each stage of the customer journey
    • Developing a full funnel approach
    • Best Practice on LinkedIn

    Date: Thursday, 30 August
    Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

  • Social Workshop: Instagram

    Instagram Stories School

    Instagram Stories School is a hands-on tutorial to help you understand the technical ‘wizardry’ of creating and designing in Stories, and give you a better understanding of the near infinite possibilities of the platform.

    Freshman level
    The brilliant basics of Instagram Stories. Everything you need to know and some things you don't.

    • Text & Colour 101
    • Drawing 101
    • Stickers 101

    First Level
    Once you understand the basics it's time to start stepping it up.

    • Rewind Camera
    • Motion Pinning
    • Face Filter Fun

    Second Level
    Time to learn some tricks to show the Freshmen you know what's up.

    • Boomerang App
    • Live Photo Hack
    • Screen Record Mind Tricks

    Master Class
    Start collecting apps and preparing yourself for the real work

    • Plotograph

    Date: Friday, 31 August
    Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

  • Social Workshop: Hootsuite

    How to create a data-driven social media strategy

    From YouTube comments to Twitter chatter, there is no shortage of social media data out there. But while marketers read endless articles on the promise of data-driven marketing initiatives, it’s often difficult to move from social media listening to action.

    Join Daniel Lean, Customer Success Manager at Hootsuite, as he outlines the key steps to creating a data-driven social media strategy. This interactive, 90-minute session will walk through hands-on activities for how to:

    • Define the business objectives that social media can impact
    • Establish key benchmarks to measure against
    • Set social media goals
    • Choose metrics for the social customer journey
    • Build the foundation of your social media strategy
    • Identify keys to success to driving your strategy forward

    You’ll learn the A to Z of developing and growing your social media strategy, and will leave with actionable insights that you can start putting to practice straight away.

    Date: Friday, 31 August
    Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

Delivering beautiful experiences through Emerging Technology

Brisbane based technology and education start-up BOP Industries will be hosting a workshop aimed at inspiring a generation of digital creators, empowering them with an understanding of how technology works and how it can be applied to real-world situations.

  • Emerging Technology Workshop: BOP Industries

    Creating Immersive Marketing Experiences Using Next Gen Technology

    With people becoming desensitised to traditional marketing methods, it is essential for brands to utilise new and emerging technologies in their marketing campaigns to cut through the noise and impact their customers. The BOP Industries team will be working with participants to showcase some of the technologies available to marketers and how they can be used in your campaigns.

    This session will outline:

    • Technology Discovery - What options are out there, how are they being used and who's doing it really well?
    • Building a tech strategy - leveraging new and emerging technologies. How can these technologies be incorporated into your campaigns?
    • How to measure tech success - learn how to integrate new tech into the old, and create a new way of doing things!

    Date: Thursday, 30 August
    Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

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