IQ Spotlight Series: Viewability, ad fraud and brand safety

Course: MBLT-1
  • Privacy and Compliance

Tackle the critical issues and hot topics in marketing success today

ADMA IQ’s new Spotlight Series is a new education program designed to help Australian marketers tackle today’s critical issues and hot topics. 

This first instalment of the series provides marketers with the information, tools and resources they need to address viewability, ad fraud and brand safety and also arm them with knowledge that ensures they can ask the right questions of their business partners.

“ADMA’s goal is to educate marketers so they can better understand the issues, implications and consequences of viewability, ad fraud and brand safety and arm them with knowledge so that they can ask their agencies and partners the right questions to drive transparency. This will not only start to actively address the issues but also assist in developing trust relationships between clients, agencies and platforms that will be positive for the business.”

Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA            

This program is free for ADMA members.

This instalment covers:

Through a series of 20-minute video episodes released weekly, we will cover:

Episode 1: How an ad is served 

The mainstream process and then other avenues which are possible.

  • Define:
    • Viewability
    • Ad Fraud
    • Brand Safety
  • What is the MRC Standard?
    • How should this be interpreted for a marketer and used in context with your agencies?
  • What are the broad issues surrounding these topics:
    • Viewability is not a success measure
    • Transparency
    • Reporting
    • Brand Safety

Episode 2: How Ad fraud harms advertisers 

Presented By Augustine Fou, Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher, Marketing Science Consulting Group

  • What ad fraud is on a global scale
  • Where it is concentrated
  • How it impacts both advertisers and publishers
  • What best practices look like to reduce or eliminate fraud?

Episode 3: Viewability is not a success measure 

  • When marketers are seeing changes in their ROI and KPI's are not being hit, viewability should be used as one of the tools to look at why this might be happening alongside all other traditional methods and outcomes.
  • If a publisher can not or does not comply with MRC (due to technical limitations) they need to explain why they are still of value.
  • Confirm what your agency means when they say viewability.
  • Viewability should be looked at in the context of all other success metrics as one measure.
  • Measurement architecture is something that should be clearly defined to your agency at the start.
    • What are we being measured against?
    • What do you have to pay for the viewability you want?
  • Measurement needs to move away from the last click and focus on ROI/multichannel attribution.
  • Viewability measures doesn't typically mean it was viewed by the correct people.
    • Did it provide value to your business?
  • There is a difference between publishers that needs to be understood.
  • Context is important. While we have all used MRC as a standard benchmark, we need to overlay the context of what we are doing.
    • Objective of campaign
    • Audience behaviour
    • Quality of the site (i.e. Australian vs. Blogger)

Episode 4: Transparency 

  • Agencies need to be more transparent in where their costs are occurring and what they are passing onto the clients.
  • Brands have a lot of mistrust. Trust needs to be built through transparency and needs to come from both sides.
  • Agencies need to be transparent in their reporting and make this available to the client as soon as possible.
    • What is the publisher cost
    • What is being paid to network
    • What margin is being charged
    • What happens to chargeback (i.e. agency discount)
    • Other costs
  • Marketers need to discuss with their agencies what is happening with their data and how it is being used.
  • Marketers need to share more with their agency and take more responsibility for campaign planning.
    • Objective
    • Audience
    • ROI measures
    • Downstream objectives
  • Marketers need to be re-educated on the agency landscape and what value they provide which their staff cannot offer.
  • Asking does your agency comply with the MRC standard is important, if they don't then why not?

Episode 5: Brand safety 

  • Measures need to be defined before the media is bought.
  • Marketers need to have a brand safety strategy across the board, not just on digital.
  • Marketers need to ask what tech is available for protection of their brand and how the agency using it.
    • If the agency says this isn't a perfect system, then what is the risk and how do you mitigate it?
  • Brand safety is incredibly subjective and one size does not fit all. Marketers need to provide clear guidelines on where or where you can't advertise.

Episode 6: Reporting

  • Publishers need to have the tech available to implement this however marketers need to understand they have to pay for this service.
  • Marketers need to be accountable and armed with all business objectives, levers and profit margins for their products in order to be able to see the entire picture.
    • Can you measure how digital contributes to your business goals?
  • Marketers need to work with their agencies on ensuring the reporting is showing if publishers are using bots - if this is found then the client needs to be informed immediately.
  • Mobile is a constant problem - it's not defined in the MRC standard.

Who should take this instalment:

All marketers who feel confused around or want to learn more about viewability, measurability, and ad fraud issues or who need help working with their partners to measure their ROI from ad spend.

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